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The best Sports, Hot Stones New Mum and Pregnancy Massage in Seaford & surrounding areas.


Deeps tissue sports massage, hot stones massage, pregnancy massage, baby massage and new mum massage carried out by Lucy at The Lodge in Seaford, clients come from areas such as Seaford, Newhaven, Saltdean, Berwick, Eastbourne, but everyone welcome.

Hi my name is Lucy, I am a qualified Sports, Pregnancy, Hot Stones and Baby massage therapist based in Seaford.
I've just moved back to the area and taking on clients, I work from The Lodge in Seaford and can do some home visit if needed. Please email me with any questions.

Deep tissue sports massage.

I am qualified to level three Diploma  sports massage, I can help you prevent injury, release all your tension and strains in your muscles, I can help you with both pre and post events, so if you are a sportsman or women do not suffer in silence, come and see me and  I will ensure you recover from your injury far quicker than normal, or prepare you for the event making sure you are at you  optimum level.

Deep tissue massage is not just for sports people, if you are suffering any aches and strains then I can help relive the pain and tension in your muscles.

Hot Stone Massage.

Hot stones Massage is a lovely relaxing massage, the heat of the stones relaxes the muscles and the body. Can be by having the stones on or under the body (placement stones), or being massaged with the stones or using the hot stones to help with sore muscles or tension then adding a deep tissue massage on top.
The heat of the stones helps get rid of any toxins in the body. Will leave you relaxed and refreshed.

Pregnancy Massage.

Massage therapy performed during pregnancy can reduce anxiety, decrease symptoms of depression, relieve muscle aches and pains and improve labour outcomes and new born health.  Regular pregnancy massages are very calming and relaxing for the new mum to be.

New Mummy Massage.

After arrival of the baby, massage can often promote healing and spinal realignment. It can also help relieve depression or anxiety caused by hormonal changes in the body. Tiredness and fatigue, lack of sleep and oedema, as well as back pain from poor posture whilst feeding and carrying your baby.

Baby Massage.

Baby massage helps build and bond relationships between mum and baby,  can also help with depression through touch, can also help with colic and unsettled babies.

I can help with all types of stresses and strains.

Come along to my room at The Lodge in Seaford or I can come to you.


Deep tissue sports massage in Seaford, Peacehaven, Lewes, Newhaven and surrounding areas.

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Sports Massage

Sports massage is a must, especially if you really want to perform well in your chosen sport, whether you are into rugby, football, tennis, running or just enjoying the gym and training classes, deep tissue sports massage can help you to stay fit and healthy with no muscle strains or aches and pains.

Sports Massage
Deep tissue sports massage for men, women and children.

Deep tissue sports massage entails, a full body assessment, this will include a description of the type of sport you participate in, or what your job entails or any medical condition's- this will enable me to devise a plan to manage your mind, body, muscle's and any injury you may have.

This is carried out by using different massage strokes stretches and putting movement through the body.

An example of this would be.

Starting off with a full body assessment, this will enable me to see where your body alignment is off, by gathering this information helps me to see why that particular part of the body is not aligned or under too much pressure. Once I have established what is wrong and why, I will then make a plan to treat you using various massage strokes such as ; effleurage, petrissage and tapotementthees teqniques help warm the muscles up increase mobility between tissue interfaces stretch muscle fibres relax muscles break down scare tissue, restore elasticity and stimulate the healing process.

Conditions that will stop you from being able to get a massage
Hernia, High blood pressure, Varicose veins, fractures, Opens wounds or Skin disease, DVT, Myositis ossificans, Pregnancy, Cancer (check with your doctor), Osteoporosis, infectious disease, Fever. If unsure always check with your doctor.

Pre / post events     £15
30 min sports massage £25
45 min sports massage £28
60 Min sports massage £33

OAP Sport Massage £28

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage
Hot Stone massage is the use of hot stones (Basalt stones) and massage.

Hot stones massage usually combines the use of heat with massage strokes using both stones and hands to create a deep and relaxing treatment. Basalt stones are used, as the minerals in basalt absorb and retain the heat the longest.

The benefits of Hot Stones Massage are-
Increased circulation
Improves blood flow to surrounding tissue
Helps with the transport of toxins from the area massage to the surrounding lymph nodes
Helps with relaxation throughout the body, muscles and mind
Helps with pain and medical conditions such as- Arthritis, fibromyalgia , injuries and much more

The Treatments you can have with the Hot stones Massage

* Stationary placement stones- Clients relax by either lying on warmed stones or by having hot stones laid on their body. Tension is meted away with liquid heat sensation from the warmed stones.

* Massaging with the stones- You can have a few placement stones on the neck, sacrum etc while I massage you with the warm stones, the heat quickly relaxes the muscles and the hot stones are grounding and balancing elements to your massage.

* Hot stones & deep tissue fusion massage- Using the hot stones to relax the muscles and realise any tension, I can get into the muscles much deeper and easily, great if you've over working the muscles or have a lot of built up tension.




Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a very under rated therapy, it can help with all the stresses and strains of being an expectant mother and help with other ailments such as depression, back ache and many other problems associated with pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage is to help with the strains of pregnancy and to help relax and de-stress. You can get a massage from 16 weeks till the day your baby is due. If you need extra pampering there is a spa bath we can add into your massage ( we keep the water under a certain temperature to stop over heating).

If you have any of the following conditions you will not be able to have massage-
 Deep vein Thrombosis, Varicose veins. bleeding, pre term contractions before 38 weeks, cervical changes and placental abruption.
For pre eclampsia and placenta previa you will need a doctors or midwife letter to confirm you can have a massage.

60 min massage £28

Baby Massage

Being a new mum is a stressful and difficult time, this stress can be passed onto your new born baby if you are not careful, one way to overcome the stress of being a new mum and to bond with the baby is to learn how to give your baby a lovely relaxing massage.

Baby Massage

Baby Massage

 Baby Massage 

Lucy can come to your house and teach you how to massage your baby or get your friends and their babys and we can do a group session. .

Lucy will teach you how to massage your baby through different strokes, through nursery rhymes and some easy to follow step by step techniques. You will learn some massage strokes that are good for babies that suffer with tummy problems, colic, have chesty coughs etc., & will calm babies. Baby massage is great for bonding, relieves depression in mum/dad, helps unsettled babies, babies with extra needs and much more.

We will start the session by saying hello and relaxing, then spend 20-30 mins massaging little ones (this is a reasonable time before they get too unsettled), then have a cuppa and chat while you get ready to go home. Please bring a towel and I’ll provide everything else. If baby is due they’re injections please come 48hrs after. If baby is unwell please wait until the next session as they’ll be unsettled. Try to feed baby an hour before, but if need feeding while in class of course that’s fine, if baby has eczema, please bring their cream.

Lucy looks forward to meeting you and your babies on 

Location is at tbc

Telephone Lucy for more information on 07772 958159 or Just turn up, no need to book.

Great for baby and parent / carer / come along and meet other parents / carers.

 £7 per session or £25 for 5 sessions – booking needed – Babies 6 weeks  - 10 months.

New Mums Massage

Becoming a new mum is both the most exciting and the most terrifying time you can have, it is really stressful as well as being the most wonderful of times. Having a new mum massage can take away the stresses and strains which pregnancy put on your body and help you cope with all the difficulties that lie ahead.

New mums massage, come and have some well deserved TLC in a relaxing and calming environment.
The effects of having a massage can help with reducing swelling, help improve breast feeding, help the body heal and pain relief.
If you have had a c- section or stiches we can put you a position that is comfortable for you.

One Hour massage £28


This blog is written by Lucy Mayhew who is a qualified Deep tissue Sports massage therapist, Pregnancy massage and baby massage therapist. Lucy will share insights on the world of massage and share tips on the most effective massage techniques.

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Deciding which masseuse to go to can be a minefield, and unless you personally know of someone then choosing can be very difficult, after all, massage can be very personal and you would only want a qualified caring professional working with you in such an intimate way. Below are testimonials from clients of Lucy who are happy to share there experience with you.

Suzie J-h:Netball Player

Was very knowledgeable and did a great massage. Was sent home with some exercises to help strengthen my weak areas and some great advice. Have booked myself in again already. Thanks a lot 😊

Rebecca Jane Sams:Pregnancy Massage

Highly recommend. Lovely, peaceful and comfortable. Definitely helped with all my knots and pains! Thank you Lucy.

Sam Collins:Mum Massage

Saw Lucy at The Blue Room today, peaceful calm and relaxing therapy room. A wonderful back, neck and shoulders massage. Lucy paid attention to the high tension areas of my shoulders caused by lifting my toddler. She has worked magic hands on the releasing the knots, using just the right amount of pressure. Feeling thoroughly relaxed, body and mind. Thank you hun. Can highly recommend a massage with Lucy if you are in need of a bit of 'me' time. X

Amelia-Lily Kingshott:Rugby Player

Amazing, would recommend to anyone with an injury or just needing loosening!

Sarah Gambriel:Body Builder

I've been to Lucy several times with different injuries from weight training and every time she listens to what I've done and how I've done it , she works on the part affected and I always have a definite decline in pain or discomfort . She has an excellent understanding of my training and she has even researched body building it's self , hence giving me good advice on exercises and stretches that will benefit my injuries and training. Cannot recommend her enough .

Nat Smart:Yoga

Highly recommended, identified my injuries quickly and got rid of a lot of my back pain. She is clearly a natural and you will feel better afterwards.

Laura Cook:Pregnancy massage

Saw Lucy for a pregnancy massage this morning. Really helped relax and some relief from pelvic and back pain!! Felt really welcomed and looked after lovely atmosphere and booked in to see her again soon!

Christian George Brydon:Body Builder

Just had my first sports massage with Lucy, loved it and I feel great already! Can't wait to do another next week! Amazing lady I would highly recommend Thanks Lucy

Lee Raffel:Rugby Player

I've had an amazing sport massage today that has been years over due. Booking my next one in for as soon as possible. Highly recommended.