Mental health & Massage

Our minds make us who we are. Our mind is the mission control centre of the body and spirit, --and because of this, mental health is extremely important. Unlike earaches or virus, mental health issues cannot be simply treated with a quick trip to a doc-in-the-box or prescription. Treating mental health issues takes different kinds of remedies to work, and massages are one of the ways to help relieve mental health issues.

Massage is not just for sport injuries, strains and muscle soreness, it also can be an effective way to alleviate depression, anxiety and improve sleep quality. The mental welfare is just important as the physical wellbeing of a person.

Massage can aid in helping because it helps the mind and body to relax which helps that person centre there self and think things through more positively.

Skin to skin of massage can be very soothing and relaxing, helping that person to be calm and relax and to ease any anxiety. The power of touch is surprisingly potent. Thanks to the connection forged between mind and body by a massage, stress hormone levels are almost always lowered after the treatment--meaning that massages are an effective use of our natural chemistry to treat mental health issues.

Massage also gets rid of toxins in the body, for people not feeling good about there self’s, this helps get rid of those negative thoughts.

Holding all those negative thoughts or worry can build up tension in the body, massage can help get rid of that tension and let the mind and body to be able to function healthier.

Massage can also be a healing process depending on what that person’s mental health issue are and their needs.

Booking in a massage also helps you get out and interact with someone and you can speak to me if you want too, I’m not a counsellor but listen very well. My room feels very safe and relaxing so will keep you feeling at ease. I don’t judge or repeat anything said to me as that’s your time. A program will be set up just for you and your needs. It’s all about you and helping your mind to get healthier.

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