Sport Massage

Have you had a sports massage before ?

When I tell people what I do, they either think its a beat you up massage or just for sports people. 

It isn't either. 

Yes its a deeper massage but I work to what your muscles need at the time of the massage, if the muscles are really tight or knotted it can be a little uncomfortable but I will ease off the tension. I spend  my time trying to ease off the tension, relax the muscles, encourage blood flow to the muscle, re-lengthen the muscle, adding in movement and stretches if needed. Problems can be caused by working out, sports, or every day life, Manual job, desk job and much more. I see people from 12 years old up to 76 years old . Massage works to what you need and your body needs. 

Massage also relaxes and slows down the mind, is great for people with busy lives, aids sleep, assists with ADHD and mental health problems. 

Sports Massage is great for prevention of injury or blocking up the body in areas from stress, or helping the body recover from an event or injury.

It is best to get a sports massage 1-2 times a month this is what I have my self, sports massage works really well for my body, as I have a busy life, demanding job, I like to work out, and suffer with tight hip flexors and lower back pain from carrying my children. 

My youngest child is 6 months old  so I need help with keeping my muscles around my hips lose as my pelvis likes to twist, sports massage is great for solving this. 

Sport massage is for everyone and can really help you. For more information please do not hesitate to ask me any questions you have.

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