Sports massage & age

When I tell people my job, the first few questions are-

What age do you have to be?

Do I need to play a sport?

Is it a painful massage?

To get a sports massage with me you can be any age as I do baby massage right up to 89 years old my eldest client to date. 

No you don't need to play a sport to get a sports massage, what sports massage consists off, is me gathering more information on you, assessing you and if needed a deeper massage with more use of different strokes then other massages. 

It should not hurt to the point where your in so much pain, if you have injured your self or have bad muscle bulk  it may be uncomfortable but in a manageable way and you should feel the pressure or tension realise. 

I see a lot of older clients, some are very active and need some maintenance on keeping there body in good condition and others have stopped doing as much as they use to and have found they are stiff so I help loosen up the muscles and get some movement into joints. 

I do what your body and muscles need and everyone is different so its my job to work out what you need and what works for your body. 

Sport massage is for every one- if you play sport or not- don't matter on age-

Just give me a call or email and we can discuss what you need. 

LS Massage Therapist