What to look for in a massage therapist

I was speaking to a few of my clients a few weeks back, what I hear over and over again is how they come out of the massage feeling like they haven't been listen to, been in lots of pain and it didn't help and that the massage therapist was trying to get through as many as they could so didn't have the time to make the client feel comfortable. If the pressure is to much the therapist should listen to you, you should never be laying there in so much pain. 

When looking at massage therapist look through there page, look at the reviews, message them and ask questions you have, ask around about them. It's your time, body and money. You can always ask for consultation before booking so you can get a feel of the therapist. 

I see all sorts of clients from babies to clients over 70 years old, from sports people to pregnant women to over stressed clients to office workers to clients suffering with depression- illnesses and much more, so my job is to make them feel comfortable, settled, so they can tell me exactly what's wrong, assess them and give them the right treatment but not judge what they say or do if they have a illness or along those lines. If I am unsure about something I will go and look it up in great detail and get back to you. I invest my time and knowledge into my clients and always happy when they return and recommend me. 

Its your body# your treatment# your time# get what you was looking for and paid for#