Why i need to get a massage

Getting a massage is for good the body as well as the mind. 

If your depressed, worried, ADHD and much more- really anything to do with the mind, getting a massage calms your mind, helps you relax, gets rid of toxins and helps you think much clearer. 

If you work out a lot or do a certain sport a lot it puts the muscles under great pressure, getting a massage can prevent injury, loosen the muscles up, supply more blood flow, help build on the muscle memory and mass and improve performance. 

Post/pre event helps the muscle prepare for the up and coming event or help the recovery after the event as happened. 

If your in a office job bent over a computer screen all day your posture suffers which can lead to back pain, so again a massage helps relax and lengthen the muscles and stop aches and pains. 

If your in a manual job the physical aspects of job is demanding on the muscles, so they help to maintain and relax so you can carry on with your every day job with out aches and pains. 

Being pregnant or just having a baby is really demanding on the body and mind, so the massage gives you some you time, helps you to unwind and relax, helps baby relax, and the muscles under pressure can be relaxed so there's no discomfort.  

There's much more reasons, but in simple terms- just think you only have one body so take good care of it and have a (MOT) massage you'll feel great after. 

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