Young athletes

Young athletes need to look after there bodies too!!

Children seem to suffer with repetitive motion injury, strains and sprains a lot but can get serious injuries too. Tight muscles can be a start to a injury, being shown how to stretch correctly and having massage can really help with prevention. 

Therapeutic sports massage is not a luxury for developing athletes, it's a necessity.

Young athletes are working harder to perform at higher levels and there has been a significant
increase in serious injuries.

Young, developing bodies differ from adults in many ways. For example, as children and adolescents
grow their muscles are constantly being stretched. Over stretching can result in serious damage.

Massage therapists are trained assess the condition of an athlete's muscles and can recommend an
individualised maintenance plan.

Tight muscles are more vulnerable to injury.  Massaging muscles reduces muscle tension.

Massage therapy also keeps muscles healthy by improving circulation which increases the flow of
oxygen and removes excess waste products.

When muscles are functioning properly, the likelihood of sprains, strains and repetitive motion
injuries is significantly reduced.  

If you book your child in remember a parent must accompany them please, then I can gather all the information a make a plan to help them in the best way that suits their body and sport.

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