Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is a very under rated therapy, it can help with all the stresses and strains of being an expectant mother and help with other ailments such as depression, back ache and many other problems associated with pregnancy.

Pregnancy Massage
Pregnancy massage is to help with the strains of pregnancy and to help relax and de-stress. You can get a massage from 16 weeks till the day your baby is due. If you need extra pampering there is a spa bath we can add into your massage ( we keep the water under a certain temperature to stop over heating).

If you have any of the following conditions you will not be able to have massage-
 Deep vein Thrombosis, Varicose veins. bleeding, pre term contractions before 38 weeks, cervical changes and placental abruption.
For pre eclampsia and placenta previa you will need a doctors or midwife letter to confirm you can have a massage.

60 min massage £28