Sports Massage

Sports massage is a must, especially if you really want to perform well in your chosen sport, whether you are into rugby, football, tennis, running or just enjoying the gym and training classes, deep tissue sports massage can help you to stay fit and healthy with no muscle strains or aches and pains.

Sports Massage
Deep tissue sports massage for men, women and children.

Deep tissue sports massage entails, a full body assessment, this will include a description of the type of sport you participate in, or what your job entails or any medical condition's- this will enable me to devise a plan to manage your mind, body, muscle's and any injury you may have.

This is carried out by using different massage strokes stretches and putting movement through the body.

An example of this would be.

Starting off with a full body assessment, this will enable me to see where your body alignment is off, by gathering this information helps me to see why that particular part of the body is not aligned or under too much pressure. Once I have established what is wrong and why, I will then make a plan to treat you using various massage strokes such as ; effleurage, petrissage and tapotementthees teqniques help warm the muscles up increase mobility between tissue interfaces stretch muscle fibres relax muscles break down scare tissue, restore elasticity and stimulate the healing process.

Conditions that will stop you from being able to get a massage
Hernia, High blood pressure, Varicose veins, fractures, Opens wounds or Skin disease, DVT, Myositis ossificans, Pregnancy, Cancer (check with your doctor), Osteoporosis, infectious disease, Fever. If unsure always check with your doctor.

Pre / post events     £15
30 min sports massage £25
45 min sports massage £28
60 Min sports massage £33

OAP Sport Massage £28